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As a real estate investor, I meet a lot of people who aspire to invest in real estate to grow their money.
However, many of those same people struggle to purchase their first real estate investment.

How can I possibly purchase an investment when house prices around me are so expensive? 
Can I trust my realtor who is working on commission? 
How do I know if purchasing this piece of real estate is going to make me money or just be a money pit?” 

Failure to answer these questions and more paralyzes people from earning big profits in real estate.

I am on a mission to help busy, successful people with $50K or more to invest to build their wealth through real estate so they feel empowered to pursue the lives they truly desire. My goal is to make real estate investing as simple, personalized, and profitable as possible for my clients so they can take swift action towards building their wealth. I choose to work with clients who want to grow their money with minimal time and effort.

I do not work on commissions so there will never be any pressure from me to purchase real estate.

I am only interested in seeing your wealth grow.

If you are tired of having your money stagnating in your personal bank account or in the stock market, let’s connect for a free advising session to discuss better investment alternatives!


I’m Augustine

I grew up in Vancouver, BC and worked as a computer engineer for almost 10 years. 6 years ago, I started investing in real estate after attending a Keyspire real estate investing seminar. Over time, I built up a portfolio of 3 income properties and used different real estate investing strategies to generate 5-figure passive income annually. At the same time, I slowly realized that all of the hard work and dedication to my full-time job translated very often into being passed over for promotions and long nights spent staring at a laptop. I realized that being smart and hard-working meant little in the corporate world. But being smart and hard-working when investing your own money translated into success.

Because of my bitter experience working as an employee for someone else and his success being a real estate investor, I am on a mission to show people that they too can be real estate investors so that they do not need to feel so dependent on their full-time jobs to survive. When working with my clients, my goal is not to help them earn more money but to help them make investments which will empower them to pursue the lives that they truly desire.

My Services


Making Real Estate Investing Affordable And Profitable For You

Too many people believe that you need a six-figure bank account to even consider investing in real estate. I will use my expertise as a seasoned real estate investor to find profitable real estate investment opportunities, which you can acquire for as little as $25,000.


Providing Unbiased, Non-commissioned Based Real Estate Investment Advice

Realtors are too often motivated by how much commission they can earn from you from selling you an income property and not by whether the income property will actually make you money. As your personal real estate investment advisor, I would only encourage you to pursue a real estate investment opportunity if it is in line with your financial goals.


Providing Long Term Guidance After You Purchased Your Real Estate Investment

Buying an investment property is one thing.  Maintaining it is another.  As your personal real estate investment advisor, I am committed to providing guidance on what you need to do after you purchase your investment so that you can reach your financial goals

Augustine has helped me demystify the process of real estate investing. I had a vague idea of some of the different RE investment strategies, but having worked with him for several months now, I see a much bigger picture of what is possible! I’m now on the cusp of investing in my second investment property, and having his support, advice, and connections has been invaluable. Highly recommend working with him – he has made a massive difference for my portfolio!

Edward Schlagintweit



Want to invest in real estate but don't know how to get started?

Book A Complimentary Real Estate Advising Session

During your complimentary real estate advising session, we will come up with a personalized real estate investing action plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to make the best real estate investment for yourself.

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